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Vanilla Bean Shower Lotion Bar

Vanilla Bean Shower Lotion Bar

$ 18.50

This artisan Vanilla Bean Shower Lotion Bar heavily infused with real Vanilla, immerses you in a tropical vanilla paradise. It's pure ingredients add a protective moisturizing layer to pamper your skin. A luxurious experience worthy of the finest spas to be enjoyed daily at home.

• After bath or shower lotion bar made with moisturizing skin nourishing ingredients
• Heavily infused with vanilla beans for a powerful antioxidant action that helps skin repair cell damage
• Wonderful vanilla aroma
• Unique formula is solid at room temperature and melts on contact with warm wet skin
• Non-GMO
• Certified Organic by OEFFA, a USDA Accredited Organic Certifying Agent
• Cruelty Free
• Made in Ohio, USA

3.5 oz. bar

Vanilla Bean Shower Lotion Bar Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Vanilla Beans, Organic Mango Butter, Illipe Butter, Kokum Butter, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax

Additional Info
This delightful shower lotion bar can also be used as:
• A non-shower lotion bar to rub on dry skin areas
• As a hair treatment by rubbing the bar between your hands and then running your buttered fingers through the length of your hair
• And as a bath treat by cutting a sliver off the bar, dropping it into the tub and letting it melt into the bath water.

If you like cooler showers and your skin is not quite warm enough to melt the shower lotion bar you can turn your hairdryer to low and blow warm air on the bar for a few moments until you can see it start to soften/melt. You only want the warm air on the bar for a few moments as your goal is just to soften the surface of the bar, not to melt the bar!

If you have very dry skin or are in a harsh climate, treat yourself to a tropical scented moisturizing experience. Lightly moisturize your skin with our Tropical Coconut Lotion. Let soak in a few moments and then melt the Vanilla Bean Shower Bar in your hands and smooth it over your skin to add to and lock in the moisturizing effect of the Tropical Coconut Lotion.

The inner packaging is biodegradable and recyclable glassine paper.

About the Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve brand.



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