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Using Pastry Stamps on pie crust.

Pastry Stamps

$ 9.90

Have beautifully decorated crusts on your favorite dishes to offer your family and friends. They'll never know how simple it really was - unless you tell! These pastry stamps let you quickly and easily add those decorative patterns.

• 3 patterns for a variety of professional looks
• Stamps make decorating pastry quick and easy
• Great for pies, fondant, and quiches as well as pastry
• BPA free
• FDA approved plastic
• Dishwasher safe
• Designed in the USA, made in China

Set of 3 patterns, each approximately 4 inches long x 1 inch wide.

Additional Info
For those of you who like cookie cutters that stamp a pattern on the cookies, you will enjoy these pastry stamps to make raised patterns on your cookies. Using cookie recipes that work well with cookie cutters with stamp patterns, use the pastry stamp to emboss a pattern (the cookie dough may need to be rolled slightly thicker than usual depending on your original recipe directions) and cut the dough following the unique curved shape of the stamp, or cut out the patterns in the dough into squares or circles.



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