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Hard Maple Bread Board

Hard Maple Bread Board

$ 16.90

This hand crafted hard maple bread board will be a treasure in your kitchen.

Made from kiln dried hard maple, in Indiana, by skilled craftsmen. It takes 17 hand operations and a final polishing for each piece, then a treatment with mineral oil.

The hard maple tree is grown and milled in the USA; and their main lumber source is only 10 miles from their shop.

Approximately 16 1/8 inches long overall. Cutting area to shoulders is approximately 9 1/8 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide. The board is approximately 7/8 inch thick.

We like the not too big, not too small aspect of this Hard Maple Bread/Cutting Board. The hard maple holds up well and washes up nicely, too.

This bread board doubles as a cutting board. Since this board can go under the kitchen faucet for a quick wash, we use it for mincing garlic and onions to keep the odors off of the built in cutting board set in the kitchen counter.

Don't plan on using this board to chop onions if you are the hurried or impatient type. It works pretty well, but a large onion may need some negotiating to keep pieces from falling overboard.

After washing, don't let it sit on a dishtowel as that may get and stay damp. After draining off the rinse water we prop it up on a plastic or wood utensil handle on the counter to let it dry all over.


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