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9" red taper candle, unscented

9" Taper Candle, Red, Unscented 4 pk

$ 6.50

These attractive candles have almost a fine snowflake-like look to them and are handmade in a small factory in rural Java, Indonesia as a Fair Trade good. They burn wonderfully and come in this nice red color.

• Why Palm Wax? - In a word: sustainability. Palm is a tree crop that enhances biodiversity and carbon sequestering, uses very little water, and is GMO free and pest resistant. One acre of palm trees provides the same quantity of wax as 20 acres of soy beans.
• Sourced from Malaysia, Brazil, and Colombia, the palm oil in these pure vegetable palm wax candles is no threat to rainforests.
• 100% Palm Wax tapers do not bend or drip, nor do they warp over time. They are also virtually dripless as long as they are not burning in a drafty spot.
• They are also clean burning. Made from virgin palm oil they burn with a bright flame minimizing soot emissions.
• Burn time about 9 hours

9 inch taper, box of 4

We like the almost crystal-like or snowflake-like look of these taper candles and the fact that they burn clean and don't drip. We also like the fact that they are made with natural wax and cotton wicks.

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