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What People Are Saying

Here are some ideas and comments from our customers...


“I’ve been wanting to give y'all testimonials on all the wonderful things you sent.

The Tea Steeper Mug - I love how big it is and that it keeps the tea warm for at about an hour! It is fun to use!

The ECOlunchwrap - This bag is great for snacks! In fact, I keep it on top of my snack box and when we are taking those hour long trips across town we can throw in some granola bars and crackers and we are set to go!

The ECOlunchbox 3 in 1 Lunchbox Set - I love how much room it has and it keeps things cool and separated. It is so convenient and everything fits!

The spoon straw cleaners (Drinking Straw Cleaning Brushes -JSWL) - If you get the stirrer spoons you have to get the cleaners! They do a wonderful job and are great for cleaning other utensils/gadgets with small spaces!

The measuring scoops - These are wonderful for baking! They are sturdy and easy to handle and I don't have to worry about a handle breaking off like I did when I'd measure flour or sugar with a plastic measuring cup!

The spice tray - It is great for cooking! I can just pour small amounts of spices into the tray and use that to add the seasoning instead of just sprinkling it into or onto whatever I'm cooking. I have more control over the amounts!

The wool dryer balls - the wool balls work very well and they really do make the laundry softer!

The sugar bee - It does it's job and keeps the sugar from getting hard! It is so nice to open the jar and know I won't have big lumps to deal with!

The Picnic Bag (Collapsible Market Basket —JSWL) I use it for carrying and holding all my papers or items I need to put away later! It is very sturdy and easy to fold when not in use!”
- Julie C, Texas

“Great! Makes my hair fuller without frizzes. :) ”
- Jean, Colorado (re: Honey, Beer & Egg Shampoo Bar)

“I really like the soap. I like it more every time I use it. Thanks!”
- Ron, Colorado (re: Coconut Cream & Shea Soap)

“I just love the JarKey! It saves a lot of time and annoyance - jars just seem to instantly open with no effort at all. ”
- Erica, Colorado (JSWL Team Member)

“We use the Himalayan Pink Salt on everything!”
- Julie, Texas

“I love the spoons with the straw. I use them for lemonade so I can add sugar and keep stirring it in. We also use them for milkshakes.”
- Julie, Texas

“I really love the Citrus A’peel. I use it all the time in soups.”
- Karen, Kansas 

“We really like the BeatIt! bug spray because it really works!”
- Jack & Shirley, Texas