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Nice to Know

Here are some odds & ends of helpful things to know.

• You can choose the Browse By option at the top of the page if you like to browse similar items within the Collection.

• If there are related gift boxes in a collection, they will be at the end of the collection. (And, also under Gift Ready in the menu bar)

• If you click on any of our Main Menu titles and not on one of the drop down links you will be taken to our All Collections page.

• If you want a better view of a Sold Out item, just click on it and the “soft screen” is removed on the individual item page.

• Some Sold Out items, such as various pieces of artisan jewelry or functional accents, may be left on the page for your reference. If you would like know if more are coming in just use our “Email Me When Available” button. If you want to see if a similar piece can made for you, or if you can get a similar piece in different colors - just email us from our Contact Page. Since our artisan jewelry is handmade and exclusive to Just Stuff We Like we can offer you these options.

• The Back button on the shopping cart page will take you back to the last page you were on. Please note that until you refresh your page or go to another page the cart will not show the changes you may have made, although they are there.

• The Continue Shopping button on the shopping cart page will take you to the listing of all our collections. Great when you are done in a particular collection and want to explore others.

• Let us know if you have a message when the items are being sent to someone as a gift, by noting it in the note box on the shopping cart page. Nice greetings and comments are welcome, but no letters please! ; )

Area Visitors and Locals: Save on shipping! If you wish to pick up your order, rather than have it shipped, choose our "DO NOT SHIP! I'll pick up this order.” shipping option. When we receive your order, we will contact you by email or phone on when and how to pick up your order.

• Just a note - if you have coupon codes, you cannot "stack" coupons - you can only use one at a time. Pick your favorite/best coupon to use for the order. 

• We offer you a Wishlist for your favorite items. If you want to save your list for more than a few weeks, you can do so by creating an account. And, with an account you may create multiple Wishlists. i.e. Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Holiday, etc. (Just a note: If you clear your cookies before saving your list you will loose your list.)

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Enjoy shopping!