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About Us

What are we all about?

Here's the overall idea:

We offer you just stuff we like and nothing else, while highlighting hand made and artisan goods! 

...What if we like only two out of five colors of something, but would get a bargain if we ordered them all? No deal! ...We have to buy all four styles (with one that flunks the JSWL team review with one look) to order. No deal! …

…You’ve got it! It's Just Stuff We Like!  We only sell stuff we like and would actually use! 

We're looking to:
• Provide you with a great shopping experience, wonderful customer service, and when your package arrives - an un-boxing experience that makes a plain day a special occasion. We want our best advertising to be word of mouth!

• Help artisans, artists, and other people offering hand crafted goods to make a living in their chosen field by purchasing and offering their items for sale so they can concentrate on their craft. 

• Build a large, thriving business that will support many many people working for a wage you can actually live on, in a super environment. Hey, we want to have our team members love their jobs so much we have to kick them out for their days off!

Our Mission:
We provide joy, comfort, and style by selling wonderful things we have found, that we like and enjoy, so others can enjoy them, too. We offer a shopping experience that is so great it is beyond compare, and always remain loyal to our customers by offering - just stuff we like. 

Want to know more background? Here it is…
The idea for Just Stuff We Like was born years ago, when we realized that we were always finding great items that we liked and wanted to share with other people. 

We incubated this idea for quite a while - thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it - and then we decided this was going to be focused as an online business so lots of people could enjoy what we offered. We then started the preliminary work on the birth of this business. With these first steps we were on our journey.

We created our JSWL team and gathered together a preliminary list of items we liked. (All of the great items that you find on our website are also the same great “stuff” that all of us here at Just Stuff We Like enjoy ourselves!) We started resourcing these items, and the team reaffirmed our just stuff we like commitment.

We opened our Facebook page in 2012 to share the rest of the journey toward the creation of this business. As with any large endeavor there were many ups and downs, changes of deadlines, and re-grouping. The final opening deadline was slated for 2015. But due to the wonderful enthusiasm of everyone that heard of the project we had an Early Bird Opening in 2014 so they could start shopping while we were still building the store!

Once we opened our Early Bird Store, we realized that we had not come close to reaching the journey’s end, but merely a milestone on the path, and that even after the website was “finished” the journey would continue with each joyful exploration to bring new finds, new ideas, and new concepts to our store.

By the end of 2015 we needed to move up to a new website platform, and created the website that is now home for Just Stuff We Like.

Legally Speaking…
The Just Stuff We Like brand is owned by Zoetera Production Company, a family owned company, which was incorporated in 2002. 

The ZPC brands have a focus on independent artists, artisan and hand crafted goods, and unique projects, such as our Lynn-n-Lee artisan jewelry line which offers handcrafted jewelry for you and your home with a focus on vintage, and artisan beads and elements.

Locally Speaking…
Our Office Studio is located in the beautiful mountain resort town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA  in the Rocky Mountains of the Continental Divide. (Aren’t we lucky!)