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Tips & How-tos

Multi-Blade Scissors Tips

Multi-Blade Scissors

• Pre-rinse and dry uncut herbs ahead of time as wet herbs tend to stick to the blades and your fingers.

• A wonderfully quick and easy way to clean...

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Shampoo and Soap Bars - Change it up!

Bar Soap Shampoo Bar

Our hair and skin undergo changes for many reasons, including diet and the seasons. As the seasons change so may the needs of our hair and skin. Each season brings...

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Easy Size Food Ring Tips

Easy Food Ring

The sizing of this ring may feel awkward at first, until you get the hang of it. It needs to be able to “set” into the size you choose or...

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Baggy Holder Tips

Baggy Holder

• Since the arms fold for storage, when filling larger bags we have found that offsetting the bag about one inch or so away from the folding side of the...

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Teapot Tips & Ideas


Spiced tea:
You can add whole or partly crushed spices (such as a sprinkling of allspice, cloves or cinnamon sticks) to the infuser basket if included, or into a metal mesh...

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