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The 2020 Vision New Year Start


2020 Happy New Year!

Welcome New Year!

Use this 2020 year as a sign that you will have clear 20/20 mental vision as to what you need to do to make this year a happy, healthy, and prosperous one!

Take a few moments to think, decide where you really want to be (no matter how big the goal!) and then ask yourself, "What things can I do NOW to start this in motion?". Almost every goal starts with the same basics, even if you think your goal needs additional funding or people to make it happen. At the base is your own health and organization.

Are you taking care of yourself? If you try to make a cross country trip in a car that hasn't been maintained - no oil or fluid checks or changes, the fuel gauge doesn't work and you don't keep track of the fuel, etc. - it's going to be a rough trip, if you make it at all. It's the same with your body, we often don't think we have time to take proper care of ourselves, but it is just the opposite of what we think. Make it simple too. Start with getting some exercise and enough sleep. Decide what eating style works for you and gradually make changes until you are there. (See - nothing extreme or stressful here!) Once we are taking care of our health we can think more clearly, act faster, have enough energy for both work and home life, feel happier and see opportunities that we never saw before. It's an investment that pays off in so many ways, and somehow you find it seems you have more time than ever before!

Directly linked to health, and working together, is organization. There are tons of books and articles on organization, but it really shouldn't be hard or complicated.

One of the things we really like is what we call a nice "Homing" basket. A basket that you can make a run through the house with to pick up everything that is not where it should be and then take it to its "home" (or at least "home" room). Use it every couple of days or as often as you need to to keep your environment clutter-free. It's a lot easier and faster to clean and feel like cleaning a house where you aren't constantly moving around bunches of things that don't belong where they are. Once in their proper rooms it is much more likely things will find their way to their home roosts, even if not convenient to directly place them there when "Homing". Also, it's an easy system that others in the house can take turns doing.

In the office it is similar, but not done by room, of course. Put papers in groups identified as archive/filing, next action (for the week), computer input, etc. This should be done so groups are not piled on each other, a file tray stack, or file box will help keep you from having to dig through piles.

However, for all health and organization projects there is one catch - you must START! The very hardest part is starting, but then for the most part it just gets easier. Do the best you can, knowing you have made a reasonable effort and keep relaxed! There will be a few bumps to see if you are really serious, but keep at it.

With health and organization in motion and snowballing - you are headed in the right direction with a new clear vision to reach any goal you set!

Have a fabulous 2020 year!!!

The Just Stuff We Like Team


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